The Rush Caregiver Initiative

The Rush Caregiver Health and Well-Being Initiative (Caregiver Initiative), funded by the RRF Foundation for Aging, draws together evidence-based practices into a single framework to improve care for older adults and caregivers. The Caregiver Initiative has two components: 1) system-level interventions and 2) caregiver interventions.

System-level interventions focus on culture change within the health care system to meet the needs of older adults and caregivers, including modifying procedures, workflows, training, evaluation, and the electronic health record (EHR), using the 4Ms of an Age-Friendly Health System framework (What Matters, Mobility, Medication, and Mentation).

Caregiver interventions begin with an assessment of the needs of and resources for caregivers and their care recipients, providing responsive inter-professional and family-based interventions including Skill Building to help build confidence with care provision, “What Matters” family sessions, and Care Team planning meetings.

Through the generous support of The John A. Hartford Foundation, Rush University Medical Center received a planning grant, A Model for Caregiver Health and Wellness in Age-Friendly Health Systems, Planning Grant.  In partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Rush 4M-Caregiver Initiative will be piloted in five diverse health care sites leading to a dissemination plan to spread the model across the Age-Friendly Health Systems movement.

To learn more about the Caregiver Initiative, please contact Ellen Carbonell, LCSW, Program Manager and Clinical Lead at