Schaalman Archives

The Schaalman Archives include a series of films developed from Rabbi Schaalman’s presentations and classes when he was between 98 and 100 years old. The full collection highlights the Rabbi’s unique guidance, eloquence and strengths – with the Center ensuring its place as an ongoing tribute and accessible resource for family, friends, students, and community.

“It is our shared humanity that makes us possible… for nobody would be capable of being… if there were not others who we are absolutely indispensable components of our existence and presence.” – Rabbi Schaalman


100th Birthday Celebration

Saturday Morning Study Class

This film provides a window into the Rabbi’s Saturday morning class, centering on a moment when he greets a colleague and friend who helped him start these Saturday sessions 55 years earlier.

A Friend’s Reflections

Marc Fenton reflects on his experiences with Rabbi Schaalman in an interview at the Chicago History Museum.

Aging & Saging

This sixty minute presentation by Rabbi Schaalman at age 99 is a testament to his insightful presence that provides an inspiring guide for aging.