About Us

The RUSH Center for Excellence in Aging (CEA) takes the lessons learned from research and applies them to clinical and community settings, improving how health professionals deliver care and prevent diseases. The Center does this by having its health care provider members work closely together and share information, providing services and collaborating across these five core areas:

  • Research
  • Older adult and family care
  • Education
  • Community health equity
  • Health policy

The Center focuses on issues in each of these five core areas, which align with RUSH University Medical Center’s mission, vision and values, and the vision of the RUSH Center for Excellence in Aging. These focus areas and collaborative projects will enhance RUSH’s and the U.S. health system’s ability to improve the health and well-being of older adults and their families, including cross-cutting themes of improving cognitive health and addressing health disparities.

Through active outreach and educational activities, the Center advances the translation of basic and clinical research into all cores. In doing so, it ensures that the care and programs RUSH provides to older adults, families and communities are informed by evidence in addition to patient and family priorities and experiences.

This structure builds on RUSH’s current and historic strengths in gerontological care and research, fosters collaboration and makes the Center greater than the sum of its parts.


The CEA’s main goals include the following:

  • Advance collaboration, translation and integration of excellence in our research, older adult and family care, education, community health and health policy.
  • Develop an age-friendly health system and community to ensure that all older adults have the opportunity to age well.
  • Create the next generation of global leaders in health care and aging.


RUSH will be the unparalleled destination for older adults and family health and wellbeing.


The RUSH Center for Excellence in Aging responds to the needs of older adults, their families and caregivers with easy access to the highest quality care and a reliable network of community services. The Center integrates RUSH’s foundation of cutting edge research, health care and aging education, evidenced-based clinical practice, community engagement and local and national policy change.