Rush Generations

Rush Generations is a free membership program that is open to adults of all ages, regardless of where they receive their medical care. We help our members in person, online and over the phone. Our services allow members to do the following:

  • Become aware of new health information and community resources
  • Learn strategies to improve quality of life
  • Provide support to family members and friends as they age
  • Stay focused on achieving personal goals

Membership Benefits

Rush Generations Members have access to the following:

  • Free lectures and workshops on health and aging-related topics
  • Fitness and wellness classes
  • One-on-one technology consultation to help you stay socially connected
  • Support and education groups
  • Access to free, educational online modules on Normal Aging, Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions, Working in Teams and Dementia and a 4Ms brochure in English and Spanish
  • A quarterly newsletter in the mail
  • A monthly e-mail newsletter
  • Free parking
  • Scholarship opportunities for fee-based classes and workshops
  • Access to our toll-free help line and information service
  • Access to our two resource centers at Rush University Medical center

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Rush Generations takes pride in its high-caliber lectures, workshops and classes. With input from members, we develop a quarterly calendar of educational programs — including individual lectures and workshops spanning several weeks — that are tailored to member interests and health concerns.

Popular topics include the following:

  • Treatments and advances in medical issues affecting older adults, such as heart disease and arthritis
  • Ways to maximize memory
  • Family and caregiver education
  • Medicare
  • Mind-body wellness and relaxation
  • Daily management of health and well-being

Caregiver Support

If you are caring for a relative or friend, Rush Generations can be a valuable resource for you. We provide a range of specialized services for caregivers, including support groups, workshops and referrals to helpful services in the community. Join Rush Generations today to take advantage of this unique, comprehensive resource.

Have a question? Call us at (800) 757-0202.

Volunteer Opportunities

Being involved in Rush Generations can open doors to meaningful volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers contribute their time to various administrative, promotional and organizational activities. And they can receive training to become leaders of our health management workshops, including A Matter of Balance, Take Charge of Your Health and Take Charge of Your Diabetes.

To learn more about volunteering, call (800) 757-0202.

Become a Member

Membership is free and open to adults of all ages. Once you become a member, you will receive a welcome packet of member-exclusive information and health management tools. You will also start receiving our quarterly Rush Generations newsletter and monthly e-mail updates.

You can become a member by signing up online, calling (800) 757-0202 or sending an e-mail to

Rush Generations Evidence-Based Programs

Rush Generations offers several evidence-based programs, which means that researchers have found that the strategies used in these programs can be effective. Here are a few examples:

  • Take Charge of Your Health and Take Charge of Your Diabetes: Offered in English and Spanish, these workshops provide the support needed toward achieving better health and effective self-management behaviors. These two-and-a-half hour, six-week workshops meet once a week to teach you the self-management skills necessary for the day-to-day management of chronic health conditions, such as goal setting, problem solving, healthy communication, assertiveness training, pain management, medication management, nutrition and exercise.
  • Matter of Balance: This workshop is for adults who have restricted their social or physical activity because of a fear of falling. This two-hour workshop meets for eight sessions. It focuses on confidence building through exercise, cognitive restructuring, assertiveness training and problem solving. The overall goal: to help participants return to higher social and physical activity levels.
  • SHARE for Dementia and SHARE for Chronic Conditions: These five- to six-session programs are based on years of research by the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. The programs enable someone with a diagnosed disease and a care partner to learn about coping effectively with the disease, plan for the future and support each other throughout the process

Rush Generations Classes

Rush Generations offers classes that build skills as well as a healthier body and mind. Here are few examples:

  • Computer Skills: Staying Connected: This one-hour, one-on-one session helps beginners take an active role in learning how to use a laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is also open to those with intermediate computer skills to increase connections with family and friends.
  • Zumba Gold: This dance-based fitness class is designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility, and can be done sitting or standing. Participants are guided through a variety of simple dance steps to provide cardio fitness.
  • Gentle Chair Yoga: In this class, classic yoga is fine-tuned for older adults, so it can be incorporated into daily life. It is designed to increase flexibility and range of motion, improve balance and strengthen the body. Yoga has been shown to relieve pain, stiffness and sore joints.
  • Qi Gong: This traditional Chinese practice involves breathing, awareness and movement. It has been used to manage the effects of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. It also helps with stress management and balance, and it provides general health maintenance benefits.
  • Tai Chi: Originating from China, this practice helps improve concentration, balance and range of motion with slow, fluid movements to promote calmness and a balanced mind. It may also increase circulation and reduce arthritis pain.

Rush Generations Screenings

Rush Generations is dedicated to helping members maintain their health by offering annual health screenings as well as screenings related to planning for the future. The following screenings are offered throughout the year.

  • Advance Directives
  • Balance and Fall Prevention
  • Hearing
  • Medication review
  • Skin