RUSH Caring for Caregivers (C4C)

RUSH Caring for Caregivers is a program that has been proven to have positive health-related outcomes for both adults age 60 and older as well as for their care partners. Funded by the RRF Foundation for Aging, C4C uses an evidence-based framework to improve care for older adults and caregivers through education, resources and support. C4C focuses on what matters to the caregiver by assisting in developing a plan for the caregiver’s physical and emotional health and well-being while incorporating the care needs and preferences of the older adult. These services may be delivered in person, by telephone or via video conferencing. C4C does not charge for the initial meeting and other sessions are covered by most insurances.

Caregiver Challenges

A caregiver is a person who regularly looks after a loved one who requires intensive, tailored and unique physical, emotional, nutritional and social assistance. One in five full-time employees care for a family member or friend who has a serious illness, developmental disorder or disability.

A caregiver tends to spend time with their loved one, monitors their medication and physical needs, provides meals, socialization and other daily living needs. All across the world, regardless of language, culture, or nation, taking care of a loved one has become a more frequent experience. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, there are 55 million caregivers in the United States alone, or nearly 21% of the total population.

A significant amount of research demonstrates that caregivers for a loved one experience difficulties with their own emotional, mental, and physical health. The decision to give up something in order to love and care for one’s child, spouse, or parent can create a complicated way of life that is extremely difficult. Compared to non-caregivers, caregivers experience higher levels of stress and caregivers with chronic stress may be at greater risk of cognitive decline. This occurs because there is so much to do for the person being cared for each day that self-care for the caregiver is frequently neglected, delayed, or given lower priority.

Our Mission

The mission of RUSH Caring for Caregivers is to support family members or friends who are caring for adults 60 and older by offering services that aim to reduce caregiver stress, prevent caregiver burnout, and assisting caregivers in finding a balance between the needs of their loved ones and their own needs.

We recognize that although caregivers are people who also have need support, they are often overlooked. People who provide care for others can, and should, request further assistance. It is important to normalize the ability to transfer care and never to see it as a sign of failure or frailty on the side of the caregiver. According to studies, caregivers must schedule vacations, days off, and weeks off from their caregiving duties. Caring for Caregivers helps Caregivers find the assistance that they require by creating a care plan based on What Matters to both the caregiver and the care recipient.

How It Works
and what to expect

  1. Connect

    You can reach out directly by calling at 312-563-0350 or emailing us at Your primary care provider can also connect you with us through a referral.

  2. Initial meeting

    Through an initial Getting to Know You meeting, we help you determine your needs, stressors, and how C4C can help.

  3. Start receiving our services

    We work together to lessen caregiver stress and provide support to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.


Obtain Knowledge, Guidance, and Support

  • Skill Building Meetings


    Meet with occupational therapists, nurses, pharmacists, or nutritionists to learn such skills as transferring patients without injuring themselves, performing basic medical care, or meeting the dietary needs of the care recipient.

  • Planning for What Matters


    Meet with our licensed social workers to discuss what matters most to both caregiver and care recipient, and develop health and life plans that reflect everyone’s preferences while reducing re-hospitalizations and lengths of stay, visits to the Emergency Room, depression, anxiety and stress.

  • Care Team Planning Meetings


    It’s important to have you as part of the care team for the person you care for. These meetings involve learning to create and work with care teams most effectively, communicate effectively and ensure that older adults and their caregivers are included in developing and enacting the care plan.

How to reach us?

We are here for you!

Address: 1620 W. Harrison St. 4th Floor, Suite 04527
Phone: 312-563-0350