Age-Friendly Health System

In an Age-Friendly Health System, every older adult gets the best care possible, is not harmed by health care, and is highly satisfied with the care they receive. This is achieved when the health system addresses the 4Ms:

  • What Matters to the older adult and their family, aligning the care plan with older adult preferences
  • Mobility – keeping older adults moving at their highest level possible
  • Medication – decreasing high risk medications and the overall number of medications prescribed to the older adult
  • Mentation, or Mind – screening for and treating depression, delirium, and dementia

“Age-Friendly Health Systems is an initiative of The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA). The goal of the initiative is to rapidly spread the 4Ms Framework to 20 percent of US hospitals and medical practices by 2020.” –IHI

This 4Ms electronic brochure for older adults and families was co-designed by older adults and family caregivers, in partnership with Rush University Medical Center and Community Catalyst. The brochures are available in English and Spanish.

Age-Friendly Health System

Introducing The 4Ms Framework for an Age-Friendly Health System

Age-Friendly Ambulatory Care

Framework and workflows for implementing the 4Ms in an ambulatory care setting

Age-Friendly Hospital Care

Framework and workflows for implementing the 4Ms in an inpatient hospital setting

Age-Friendly Health System Press Release

Rush University Medical Center Joins National Age-Friendly Health Systems Initiative

Age-Friendly Health System Case Study

Building an Age-Friendly Health System and Community Aligned with Strategic Priorities

CATCH-ON Education

Free continuing education for health professionals about the 4Ms of an Age-Friendly Health System as well as basics on aging and health.

What Matters Presentation

View a brief video presentation from the 2021 American Geriatrics Society Conference about What Matters

Delirium Education

Learn more about delirium

Mobility Resources

Learn more about mobility resources