Older Adult and Family Care

At RUSH, you’ll find clinical services, programs and initiatives dedicated to serving the needs of older adults as well as families and caregivers. Explore what RUSH offers in terms of patient care, resources and support, and learn more about RUSH’s ongoing efforts to serve the needs of older adults in the hospital, in the home and in the community.

Age-Friendly Health System

Age-Friendly Health System

Introducing The 4Ms Framework for an Age-Friendly Health System

Advance Directives

Learn more about advance directives

Caregiver Services and Support

Learn more about RUSH’s Caring for Caregivers program

Medical Care

RUSH University Senior Care

A team of geriatricians, nurse practitioners, a dietician and a social worker provide primary care to patients age 65 years of age and older, and consult with patients’ primary care physicians regarding issues related to aging.

RUSH Primary Care

Many primary care clinics at RUSH provide geriatric services, and some even offer home visits for the convenience of the patient.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physiatrists help older adults attain their rehabilitative goals after injuries and illnesses.

Palliative Care

A team of specialists provides care to RUSH patients suffering from chronic and life-limiting conditions, such as certain cancers, ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.

Care for Mental Health and Cognitive Issues

Department of Social Work and Community Health

Licensed clinical social workers provide specialized assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns for older adults.

Geriatric and Rehabilitation Psychology

Psychologists with expertise in the emotional challenges of aging offer help with adjusting to chronic diseases, loss, caregiving issues and more.

Geriatric Psychiatry Program

Geriatric psychiatrists work with older adults to help them understand and cope with such issues as anxiety, depression and dementias.

RUSH Center for Cognitive Resilience

Specialists perform neuropsychological evaluations to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses; empower patients to overcome cognitive challenges; and provide strategies to compensate for cognitive problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Movement Disorders Program

Multidisciplinary care for patients with movement disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease) who experience cognitive and behavioral issues as well as support for their caregivers.

RUSH Memory Clinic

A team specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and the cognitive effects of stroke consult patients with memory and thinking problems.

Resource Centers and Support Groups

Patient and Family Resource Centers

RUSH offers a wide range of information, support and services to patients, visitors and members of the community through its two resource centers: the Anne Byron Waud Resource Center and the Tower Resource Center.

Without Warning Support Group

This group at RUSH is designed to empower individuals and their families who face Alzheimer’s disease early in life through opportunities for education, support and community.

Family & Friends of People with Memory Loss Support & Education Group

Research shows that caregivers are at risk for depression and poor health. The support group meets monthly to share information, resources, ideas, and the ups and downs of caregiving.

Health Education Lectures, Classes and Workshops

Health Education Lectures, Classes and Workshops

RUSH offers a wealth of educational opportunities to improve your health and well-being.


RUSH Generations offers free online education for you to watch live or at your own pace

Other Initiatives Related to Aging Well

Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

A free statewide health insurance counseling service offered at RUSH for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers that provides objective counseling, assistance and advocacy relating to Medicare, private health insurance and related health coverage plan.